Sticker Trading

Do You Like To Collect and Trade Slaps?

We have the right program for you. Easily collect stickers by artists from all over the world in one place by sending in your own! You never know where your slaps will end up and you can discover new artists along the way!

In every order coming through us, we throw in a handful of random slaps for free and we are sending packages around Australia and the world everyday so you could be surprised just how far you stickers may go!

It is as simple as sending a pack to the given address below making sure that you have a return address either inside on stated clearly on the back. Otherwise, how can we send one back without an address?


PO BOX 553



In exchange we will send back a randomly filled packed of a random quantity, the size of your submission does not vary the size of the return pack. We do not profit from your submissions in any way, all your stickers are added to orders for FREE for the customer and to spread the love.

If you want to send more our way other than stickers, feel free! We have had sketches and photos sent in, there are even some artists missing the old pen pal days and send in letters and photos which is always great to see! This is great way for connecting artists together outside of social media.

Stay awesome you legends!

Need stickers, check out some blanks that are available below!

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