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Montana Cans

Brick Black Bag by Superspray

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Nobody knows the value of a brick wall like the German artist SUPERSPRAY. With various styles and just as many names like RIPS and HOT DOG, a lot of SUPERSPRAY's artwork plays out on this iconic graffiti painting surface. This is why he created the new Montana Cotton bag design "Brick BLACK wall". "Brick BLACK wall" brings our focus back to the essentials.

Montana BLACK cans and the much-needed brick wall. This striking double-sided design in white features the pattern-like image of an untouched brick wall on one side, and an illustration of double-handed Montana BLACK can painting action over the same wall on the other.

Printed in white on a 38 x 42cm black, high-quality 100% cotton bag, "Brick BLACK wall" is the next must-have for your Montana Cotton bag collection. Visit your local Montana Cans reseller now for availability while stocks last.