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Professional Textile Medium 250ml

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Shake bottle before use. Mix equal parts Textile Medium to Holcroft Acrylic colour May be thinned with water. Allow to dry 12 hours before you heat set with an iron to make wash and dry clean resistant.

Heat fix times: Set by ironing. Note well Cover the fabric with a cloth and iron on a medium setting. Times may vary from 4-10 minutes depending on the fabric. Cotton, calico, linen 4-5 minutes at 140-180°C. Synthetics, nylon, polyester, acrylic 5-10 minutes at 115-130°C. Do not iron on painted area directy.

Test on small area to confirm fabric suitability. Avoid synthetic fibre fabrics. Works best with natural fibre fabrics, eg'cotton. Important projects warrant a test. Tests should always be done on the fabric to determine temperature and lime required to make the image fast but Without scorching the particular fabric

Clean all equipment with soap and water