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Iberian Style

Solid Wax Marker - Compact 4 Cut

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The perfect combination

The combination of colours is the most important thing in the world of graffiti, for this reason, we have created the best combos so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Enjoy the colour gradient that appears as you take as!


Mark all the Spots

Leave your mark in the spots you want. Paint calmly on rough surfaces, the tip cannot break! Also resistant to water and light. Always carry it with you The compact size of this marker will mean that you can carry it in any pocket. Have your favourite combi at hand and do not resist any spot! Forget getting dirty Problems with your marker are a thing of the past. Avoid unnecessary drips that dirty your wardrobe. Give your style the marker it deserves!


• Stroke with colour gradient

• Stain all types of surfaces

• Water and light resistance

• Does not leak