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Eraldo di Paolo

Synthetic Round Brushes

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The Eraldo di Paolo Round brush is an incredibly versatile tool for any artist. With a round brush, you can easily create broad lines, round areas and stroke work using a myriad of techniques. Dabbing your round brush gently onto the canvas will create a textured and dotted effect, while dragging the round brush across the canvas produces long, continuous strokes. You can also add thin, spiky lines and highlights to your masterpiece by flicking your round brush against the canvas. You could even try dry brushing; this technique is useful for creating texture and adding dimension to a painting. Round brushes are also essential for blending techniques. Experiment with different techniques to see which ones work best for you!

To keep your brush looking its best, after each use remember to wipe excess paint off and then rinse thoroughly, squeezing from the ferrule edge outwards. It's vital that you avoid leaving the brush standing in water, and dry at room temperature for continued professional results each time.