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Low Temp Mini Glue Gun 240V

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This Glue Gun Uses these glue sticks.

The safest mini glue gun for your crafting needs

The Strongbonds Low Temp Mini Glue Gun is the safest mini glue gun on the market. Ideal for use with Strongbonds Glue Sticks, this mini glue gun has a lower temperature and no-drip nozzle, making it easy and safe to use. The simple trigger-feed action also ensures you can work easily and quickly with no fiddling around. Perfect for craft work, garment design, and even minor home repairs - this powerful little mini glue gun is ready for your crafting needs.

Key Features

- mini glue gun

- no-drip nozzle

- lower-temperature

- trigger-feed action

Perfect For

- suitable for use on wood, plastic, metal, fabric, paper

- craft work

- minor home repairs


- 240V

- 50/60 HZ

- 7W (25W)