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Every Damn Sunday


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The LPN1 is a revolutionary new aerosol cap designed for full control. The unique design gives the user more freedom when using standard female aerosol cans.

The LPN1 is the our newest aerosol cap with an adjustable spray pattern. Acting just like an airbrush LPN1 allows the artist to control not only the distance and speed but also paint volume on the fly.

Lightly press down and pull back for paint, the further the cap is pulled back, the more paint is released. Allowing the artist to control the volume of paint sprayed on the fly.

Fine lines, thick lines, fading its all possible with the LPN1.
You will no longer need multiple caps for detailed outlines, blocking and shading.

The LPN1 is made from solvent proof polypropylene plastic. It is extremely strong and can be easily cleaned and reused over and over. Please recycle.