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Mixed Media Medium & Varnish 250ml

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Holcroft Mixed Media Medium & Varnish has been specifically formulated for mixed media use. Add with acrylic colour to enhance depth of colour, increases transparency, gloss and flow. Use straight from the bottle, no diluting required. Excellent binder and adhesion qualities. A non-yellowing medium, dries clear, glossy, permanent, water resistant, flexible and quick drying. Mix with acrylic colour or apply as a finishing varnish.

Continued over brushing may result in fogging after drying. Allow 1-2 hours between coats, depending on climate and humidity. Other Mixed media uses: glazing, as a fixative, collage adhesive, varnish, binder or acrylic additive. Do not mix with oils. Shake bottle gently before using. Clean up brushes and applicators with soap and water.