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Flame Orange Boosters 500ml

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Fast, Faster, Booster!

The action spray can with a lot of pressure and extremely high output on acrylic basis in 2 color shades. Perfect for fast filling large areas due to the high-pressure setting of the can. Good handling thanks to soft valve and the booster cap.

Together with FLAME™ Orange 400ml with 120 color shades they are the perfect dream team at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

  • 100% Graffiti-Paint (acrylic-based) 

  • less odour formula 
  • fast application 
  • high output 
  • matt coating (exceptions chrome) 
  • constant all-season™ performance 
  • excellent opacity & UV-resistance 
  • for all surfaces (indoor & outdoor) 
  • Special booster-cap 
  • 2 colors 
  • 500 ml 


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